Conventional terminals

With the exception of terminals dedicated to specific uses (containers, sectors), most maritime and inland waterway terminals carry out various cargo handling operations.

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Miscellaneous conventional goods:

  • Products transported under packaging: drums, parcels, boxes, crates, pallets, bundles, bolsters, bags, bales
  • Heavy or bulky packages
  • Other non-containerized goods

For terminals specializing in a range of non-containerized products (cereals, petroleum products, flour, oils, sugar, fertilisers, etc.), see the liquid bulk terminal or solid bulk terminal sections

Le Havre terminals 

  • Industrial batches, heavy packages, metallurgical products, fruit… 
  • Receipt, handling, storage and shipment of all types of conventional general cargo  
  • 550,000 m² of reserved covered warehouses, including 50,000 m² of air-conditioned and isothermal areas 
  • Handling of heavy packages thanks to a floating machine with a capacity of 200 tons
  • Land crane with 650 tons lifting capacity

Rouen Grand-Couronne terminals

  • Multimodal terminal with maritime, river and motorway services (A13 Rouen/Paris and A28 Rouen/Le Mans/Tours, at the terminal exit) and its rail-connected site.
  • Berths for sea-going ships and barges with a draught of 10.50 m.
  • Rouen Seine Valley Contiguous Logistics Platform: 140 ha quayside.

Rouen Quevilly Terminal

The Euroports terminal in Rouen Quevilly handles all types of conventional cargo thanks to its adapted equipment and significant land potential:

  • 40ha; 
  • 1.600m of quay space; 
  • 8 warehouses totalling 7.2ha; 
  • 3 RORO bridges, 2 of which are lateral;  
  • Site connected to the railway; river services; motorway interchange via South Ring Road 3; 
  • Current predominant traffic: traffic in forest and paper products (container and conventional), heavy packages, industrial solid bulk, various goods with all types of packaging 

Western Terminal 

  • Traffic in tubes, heavy packages and bagged flour associated with containerized traffic
  • Multimodal, maritime, road, inland waterway and rail services
  • Located on the edge of the city of Rouen

Saint-Wandrille Terminal

  • Bulk sector, steel sheets, peat, aggregates...
  • Motorway access, railway connection site
  • Accessible to bulk carriers of 40/50,000 dwt full load

Port Seine-Métropole Ouest, an ambitious project

  • Project for a multimodal port platform (river, rail and road) supported by the European Union, led by Ports de Paris, at the request of the State, in partnership with local authorities, associations and the economic world;
  • Activities related to aggregate deposits (Achères plain), logistics for goods distribution centres, processing and distribution centre for construction products for Greater Paris;
  • Ideally located at the confluence of the Seine and the Oise, on the HAROPA Seine axis (Achères, Andrésy, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Saint-Germain-en-Laye), at the outlet of the Seine-Nord Europe canal project;
  • First commissioning phase: 2018

27 exceptional load stations throughout the Seine

  • Le Havre: 13 exceptional load stations
  • Rouen: 5 exceptional load stations
  • Ports de Paris: 9 exceptional load stations
  • Partner ports: Gron, Nogent-sur-Seine, Longueil-Sainte Marie.

HAROPA has all the facilities required to handle exceptional loads:

  • Gantry cranes for loading on container ships 
  • Ro-Ro ramps
  • Loading on ro-ro ships
  • Land crane of 650 t
  • Wheeled cranes    
  • Lifting cranes
  • Receipt of ships with or without sheerlegs
  • Receipt of a barge / pontoon, since March 2013: "Navy Blue"