Environmental policy

HAROPA - Port du Havre actively integrates in a coordinated manner consideration of the environment at its territorial scale, in the heart of the Seine estuary.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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A major port in Western Europe, the premier French port complex, the GPMH has five main missions:

  •  Define and implement the marketing and commercial strategies of the services offered by HAROPA Port du Havre,
  •  Receive ships,
  •  Facilitate the transit of goods,
  • Welcome customers and organize the life and activities of occupants on the industrial port estate,
  • Manage and preserve the natural public domain and natural spaces it owns or which are assigned to it.

Its constituency covers part of the Seine estuary and its maritime outlet extends northwards along the Caux coastline to Antifer. These are environmentally sensitive areas. In addition, significant environmental issues related to water quality, air quality and the fight against climate change exist locally.

To meet its missions, which integrate all the challenges of sustainable development and the need for coherent management of all these environmental issues, the GPMH implements an environmental policy based on the following principles:

  • Comply with applicable regulations and monitor them,
  • Control its consumption of natural resources and thus reduce waste production while working to better recover the waste produced,
  • Enhance and manage the natural areas it owns or which are assigned to it,
  • Control the impact of its activities on the environment by ensuring that it has the necessary resources to prevent and manage pollution,
  • Design and manage development projects by integrating consultation and the environment from the design stage,
  • Communicate regularly on the environmental impacts of its activities and the means used to continuously improve its environmental performance.

In addition, the GPMH strives to support the stakeholders in the port centre by:


  • Encouraging good environmental practices,
  • Promoting, participating and fostering innovation and environmentally friendly practices and technologies,
  • And by contributing to the running of initiatives on the environmental theme at the scale of the industrial port area.

This policy is therefore part of a general approach to continuously improve environmental performance. This performance is guaranteed by the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is integrated into the Quality Management System.
In addition, the Grand Port Maritime du Havre is committed as part of HAROPA to make active and coordinated efforts to take the environment into account at the level of the Seine Axis.

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