As developer and manager of an exceptional surface area along the Seine axis, HAROPA forms the "supply chain"
of a catchment area of 25 million consumers.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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HAROPA and its partner ports offer an attractive global land and real estate offer

6,000 ha of land dedicated to port, industrial, logistics and tourism activities
64,100 direct jobs generated in HAROPA ports
2.7 million m² of real estate available, including
500,000 m² under development on own sites or in the immediate vicinity
700,000 m² managed as owner

A varied and complementary offer

From bare or building land to warehouses and turnkey offices, HAROPA offers unique locations and multiple surfaces to meet new logistical challenges at very competitive costs.

Facilitate the mass management of import and export flows

HAROPA, via its seafront, can receive the largest container ships. The proximity of warehouses and multimodal connection facilitate the processing of goods and reduce costs:
• XXL warehouses (+50 000 m²)
• new generation, class A
• reception and storage of containers
• content management
• rapid processing of customs procedures
• competitive transit times
• low taxation
• competitive rents (€45 to 55/m²/year)
• density, qualification and competitiveness of the logistics employment pool

Responding to new urban logistics challenges

The Ile-de-France port network, composed of multimodal platforms and urban ports in the heart of France's leading consumer basin, has a vast and diversified land and property offer. Its logistics services are particularly adapted to urban distribution issues:
• waterfront land for bulk traffic in Greater Paris
• warehouses of all surface areas
• proximity to distribution points
• site layout for quick dispatch
• high digitization for real-time flow management
• "green" supply chain up to the last km

Operations emblematic of the attractiveness of the HAROPA offer

HAROPA and its partners develop projects that meet the latest environmental standards and current logistics real estate requirements.

Pont de Normandie Logistics Parks 2 and 3 (PLPN 2 and 3)
HAROPA - Port du Havre has launched two development projects in its industrial port area. PLPN2 is now seeing its first constructions (Bolloré Logistics and Panhard) rising up from the ground. The current authorizations for 50 ha on PLPN3 will allow the
creation of logistics warehouses located in the immediate vicinity of the multimodal platform.
PLPN 2 in the long term
• 50 ha
• 100,000 to 200,000 m2 of warehouses
PLPN 3 in the long term
• 230,000 m2 of warehouses
• in the immediate vicinity of the A29 and A13