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Le Havre Smart Port City

The Smart Port City project, led by “Le Havre Seine Métropole”, HAROPA-Port du Havre, the University of Le Havre Normandie, Synerzip LH and their economic and scientific partners, is the winner of the National Future Investment Programme.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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LE HAVRE SMART PORT CITYOn 4 January 2018, the Prime Minister presented the 24 winners of the 3rd call for expressions of interest of the Future Investment Programme, called "Territory of High Ambition Innovation" (PIA 3 TIGA).

Among the winners was “Le Havre Seine Metrole's” project "Smart port city, towards a new model of urban and industrial port territory integrated through innovation". Following this announcement, the project leaders met today: the objective is now to be one of the ten finalist territories that will each receive €50 million to achieve their ambition.


For Jean-Baptiste GASTINNE, President of “Le Havre Seine Métropole , "making a city and its port more intelligent means making them more efficient and more attractive. This is a first step in the concretization of our common ambition to design a new interface between the city and the port; it is above all a real accelerator of opportunities for our companies. At a time when the challenges of digital development in port dynamics are becoming more and more pressing, the Le Havre urban area is more than ever a land of innovation."

Smart Port City, or how to invent the City and Port of Tomorrow relationship?

Mixing "smart city" and "port of the future", the project must allow a profound transformation of the Le Havre urban area through innovation, of national and European scope. Smart Port City is based on three main axes:

  • the management of a technological transition of world reference in the service of an efficient logistics economy;
  • the construction of an exemplary and innovative territory in terms of the environment, on the scale of the Seine estuary;
  • the construction of a city-port interface, a laboratory for new urban and port uses...

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