Limiting waste

HAROPA - Port du Havre sets out to limit waste production and raise awareness among its staff.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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Limit our consumption and waste and promote recycling

  • For several years, HAROPA-Port du Havre has been implementing a responsible purchasing policy to reduce waste associated with its activities.
  • An awareness campaign is being run to remind employees of the right actions to take.
  • HAROPA-Port du Havre regularly invests to reduce the consumption of raw materials. Thus, for several years, flow-reducing taps in the sanitary facilities have significantly reduced drinking water consumption.
  • In November 2017, a fun recycling terminal, CANIBAL, was installed at the HAROPA-Port du Havre head office to collect and sort packaging. The terminal is equipped with a lottery system to reward the right sorting action, which has resulted in 2,594 winners in one year. The 2017-2018 balance sheet shows 31,218 waste items collected, which is equivalent to a saving of 679 kg of CO2, or 3,236 light bulbs lit for 24 hours.