Motor Vehicles

HAROPA PORT | LE HAVRE: THE PORT for the import/export of new and second-hand vehicles
HAROPA PORT | LE HAVRE: 1st French automotive port:
- At the heart of the Seine Axis, a region with a strong automotive tradition
- Near the Great West region, the leading automotive market in France

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Icone RoRo The Ro-Ro sector in Le Havre: a European reference

  • A global, dynamic and structured sector based on all the players: shipowners, logisticians, dockworkers and builders,
  • 292,000 vehicles in 2020, 
  • 279 visits in 2020, 
  • + 160 ports reached,
  • 150 monthly commercial weekly,
  • 10 Ro-Ro shipping companies: Brittany Ferries, EML, Eukor, Grimaldi, Höegh Autoliners, Marfret, Neptune Lines, Suardiaz, UECC, WWL,
  • Presence of 3 of the greatest logistics operators on site: CAT, Gefco and Walon,
  • 2 handlers on site: SHGT - Manucar and SMR, 
  • A 104 Ha multimodal terminal (road, rail, river),

Complete value-added services:


  • Constant search for the best quality of logistical services: highly qualified professionals,
  • Service offered 24/7,
  • More than 4,500 m² of individualized preparation workshops: washing, upholstery, covering, installation of manuals and accessories, technical and mechanical commissioning, window engraving, installation of commercial vehicles...
  • Specialized personnel: mechanics, electromechanics, accessory assemblers… 
  • Reception of High and Heavy vehicles: trucks, public and/or agricultural works machinery, industrial projects… 
  • Continuous vehicle monitoring and security at every stage: tracing and tracking, data processing 
  • Strengthened presence of the two largest French spare parts centres managed by Renault (Rouen Grand Couronne) and Peugeot (Le Havre)


Simplified administrative procedures speed up transit time: 

  • Interconnection of Customs and port professionals;
  • Electronic procedures with S)One
  • Vehicle traceability (VIN: Vehicle Identification Number);
  • Automated DHW processing;
  • "Paper-Less" procedure;
  • Simplification and security of reporting operations through unified data management.

HAROPA PORT, a first-rate maritime offer 

  • 1st North European port reached on import and the last one on export 
  • One of the only deep-water ports in Europe (at 17m)