Gennevilliers agency

First multimodal platform in Ile-de-France, the port of Gennevilliers combines all modes of transport: river, sea-river, rail, oil pipeline and road. More than 250 companies are implanted.
- Territorial Department of Paris

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Key figures

  • 401 hectares: including 52 ha of water bodies and 12 km of quays;

  • 5 transport modes and 1 combined transport center;

  • 250 compagnies;

  • 8,000 direct jobs.

The diversify activities

Activities of the port of Gennevilliers are characterized by the establishment of industrial companies or logistics services including Calberson, Lafarge, Schenker, DSV, Monoprix, La Poste, Hourra, Leroy Merlin, Ikea...


The main activities:

  • Construction;

  • Metallurgy;

  • Agrifood;

  • Environment and recoverable products;

  • Energy products;

  • Automobile;

  • Logistics and container.

All modes of transport

  • River: by self-propelled or barge, in convoys of up to 5,000 tonnes on the Seine downstream and 3,000 tonnes upstream from Paris and on the Oise;
  • Maritime: by ship of 2,500 tonnes deadweight tonnage;
  • Rail: via the Paris-Nord network in complete trains (construction materials, coal, etc.) or in diffuse;
  • Oil pipelines: the port of Gennevilliers is an arrival point for oil pipelines;
  • Road: a motorway interchange directly connects the port's road network to the A86 and A15 motorways; as well as the A1, A14 and A13 motorways.

And over more than 14 hectares, Paris Terminal S.A. is the hub of combined transport and logistics in Île-de-France. 

Since 2005, HAROPA PORT | Paris and its partners have been developing the Quai des entrepreneurs in the port of Gennevilliers, a business incubator oriented towards the transport and logistics sectors (particularly in the waterways sector), as well as international trade and electronic commerce.

For users, several bus lines connect the port to the RER C and the metro (Gennevilliers), and to the SNCF (Colombes-le-stade). An internal bus service at the port of Gennevilliers has been set up to provide better service and access to public transport (buses and RER). The line, operated by RATP, offers 3 separate routes all day between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm:
 > Gare du Stade - Logistics Port
 > Gare du Stade - Oil Port
 > Les Courtilles - Logistics Port