Port passage accelerators

The HAROPA PORT community, a pioneer in value-added port IT, offers guarantees of fluidity, reliability and safety above the average for its main competitors. Several solutions contribute to the efficiency of transit of goods:

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S)ONE Single Port Counter (SPC)

S)ONE, the 4th generation of PCS from the world leader SOGET, available on all sites along the HAROPA PORT Seine axis, securely interconnects all port operations professionals with the most advanced digital applications.

Customs and SOGET: partners and accelerators of the transit of goods

HAROPA PORT supports you in order to benefit from a large number of efficient and competitive regulatory facilities, in particular thanks to the interconnection of custom and port professionals with S)ONE.


OPTIROUTE project aims to improve the reception and transit conditions for heavy goods vehicles in the Le Havre port area and its surrounding hinterland. 
Its priorities are the comfort and safety of drivers, the fluidity of road traffic and the safety and security of goods and transport equipment.