Road hinterland offer

A smooth and efficient road connection
Road transport on the Seine axis is an efficient and flexible mode of transport, perfectly integrated into the HAROPA PORT multimodal logistics organisation.

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A direct connection to the main French and European markets

  • connection in less than 10 min. to European motorway networks via the A131 and A29 
  • direct connection with the south-west as well as Spain and Portugal via the A28
  • quality infrastructure and competitive services to clear goods: 300 companies offer road transport services 

Guaranteed fluidity:

  • A Traffic Control and Regulation Station (TCRS): 

         ♦ Prohibition to operate mobile bridges during peak hours (morning and afternoon),

         ♦ Information on traffic restrictions (accident, works etc)  for better organization of trips.

  • 9 min 50: fluidity of the road network, from the entrance into the Industrial-Port Zone to the maritime terminal gates,
  • Development of mobile apps to offer dematerialized services to road hauliers


Green aspect:


  • 93,4% of the current fleet of road hauliers has Euro 5 and 6 technology;
  • Eco-driving course for truck drivers, Start and Stop on certain vehicles, green tyres, air deflectors, etc.,
  • Working group and areas for improvement, development of LNG-CNG station on the Seine Axis,

and also: 

  • management of port access badges for drivers via a secure site accessible online 24/7
  • increase in the available capacity of truck parking areas
  • more services offered to carriers
  • cargo security and driver safety