Services to ships

Thanks to the complementary know-how of the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris, HAROPA PORT provides a global solution in terms of port services and infrastructure, whatever the size of the vessels.

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A wide range of services to ships

HAROPA PORT has been able to create real partnerships in each port area between the Harbour Masters’ Offices and the specialized companies, operating 24 hours a day all year round: 

  • Harbour Master's Office: the Harbour Master's Office is on the front line for services provided to ships. It manages the reception and traffic of ships, the surveillance and conservation of port facilities and all rescue, safety and security operations. It also plays a key role in providing information to all port users.
  • Piloting: the Le Havre-Fécamp and Seine-Rouen-Caen-Dieppe pilot stations ensure the compulsory piloting of ships on the major HAROPA PORT seaports and on the Seine axis.
  • Mooring: the mooring companies intervene in the HAROPA PORT seaports to moor, haul in and out. The services are provided on all vessels carrying all types of goods.
  • Towing: maritime towing is provided by companies equipped with powerful tugs capable of assisting vessels entering and leaving port and docking.
  • Provisioning: HAROPA PORT and its partners offer ships all the food and material supply services as well as all the human services requested by the shipowners' representatives.
  • Bunkering: an important element of port attractiveness, maritime bunkering is controlled by the Harbour Master's Office. The operations are carried out by companies providing a public service mission for the major HAROPA PORT seaports.
  • Naval repair: HAROPA PORT welcomes all maritime and inland navigation units for shipbuilding or repair works, dry or afloat, plus civil engineering works. A floating dock is also accessible on the Seine axis.
  • Waste management: HAROPA PORT, an eco-responsible port complex, has developed services for the collection, transport and treatment of ship waste while combining it with ecological and technological support.