Breaking news on TPO/TNMSC container terminals of Port 2000

At the occasion of the visit of Christophe Béchu, minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial cohesion, Terminal Investment Limited (TiL) is now the only shareholder and announces an investment program of 700 million euros. An announcement that reinforces the role of HAROPA PORT as the gateway to North-West Europe.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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TiL, which is now the sole shareholder of the TPO / TNMSC container terminals at Le Havre, has today announced a major investment programme that will strengthen the port’s role as a north west Europe gateway.
The €700 million investment will lead to the creation of 900 jobs for dockers and 200 for maintenance workers over the next six years. It will also make the terminal ready for the highly efficient processing of the world’s biggest cargo ships, including the new generation of 24,000 TEU vessels.

The ambitious modernisation plans are the result of a historic agreement between the Dockers Workers' Union of the Port of Le Havre CGT, TiL and the TPO/TNMSC terminals. TiL is MSC’s terminal business; its shareholder partners are the US Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) and GIC, a Singapore Government Sovereign Wealth Fund.

TiL is installing park gantries, doubling the number of gantries at the terminal to 20. The order for the first nine is imminent. TiL will also triple the terminal’s storage capacity with the installation of fleet gantries at six berths. The conversion project will be completed by 2028.

The new park gantries will be electric powered and the port will provide shore power for ships. This project, led by HAROPA PORT, will mean ships will not need to use their engines while docked.

Importantly, investment will also go into integration with barge and rail transport. This will remove the bottlenecks of road transport, opening up the potential for significant increases in volume while reducing the overall environmental impact of each journey.