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A LNG terminal in Le Havre

In order to contribute energy independence in the face of the Ukrainian crisis, the Government has announced the installation of a floating LNG terminal in the port of le Havre, to be support by TotalEnergies.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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Moored on the Bougainville quay, this temporary installation will allow the import of liquefied natural gas by boat from September 2023.

The choice of Le Havre is justified by the expertise acquired by the port in the use of LNG:

  • refueling the cruise ships of the AIDA cruise line,
  • two terminals have already been awarded the LNG Ready Terminal label: the Pointe de Floride cruise terminal and the terminal operated by the Générale de Manutention Portuaire (GMP) at Port 2000.

In addition, the port has a transport pipeline who's able to serve the national network.

The connection work handled by GRT GAZ could begin in the fall.

Eventually, this production unit would represent 15 % of the current French regasification capacity and would make HAROPA PORT the 4th largest gas port in France.