traffics : Merger and strong recovery of activity : a founding year 2021 for HAROPA PORT

2021 was unprecedented for HAROPA PORT, with a growth in maritime traffic of 12% and for the first time, exceeds the 3 million TEUs - and strengthens its logistical and industrial attractiveness. To maintain the course in 2022, HAROPA PORT plans an exceptional level of investment of €256 million.

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Traffic : double-digit growth   

  • Maritime traffic saw growth of 12 % to 84 million tonnes.
  • For the first time in its history, HAROPA PORT broke through the symbolic barrier of 3 million TEU (3.07m TEU). Traffic (+28%) underscores this excellent dynamic, even outperforming world growth (+13.5%). 
  • Inland traffic (full and empty containers) registered a sharp rise of 15%, and it is worth noting a 7% rise in full container inland traffic compared with the average for 2015-2019. 
  • Transhipment expanded spectacularly by 79 % (to 843,000 TEU), establishing a new record, superseding that of 2017 (770,000 TEU). 
  • Liquid bulk traffic ended the year up by 6% (39Mt). 
  • Traffic in dry bulk fell back by 4% (to 14Mt) on 2020, a year which featured a historic cereals campaign. 
  • Maritime vehicle traffic at the ro-ro terminal ended the year up 14 % with 294,000 vehicles. 
  • Ferry traffic continued to be hit by the pandemic and Brexit-related measures affecting both passengers and their vehicles (‐98 %) and freight: although the latter improved over 2020, it nevertheless remained at around 50 % of 2019 levels. 
  • Following a dramatic shutdown due to the pandemic in 2020, passenger cruises, after resuming in the second half of 2021, ended the year on a positive note given the context, registering 49 port calls and 45,500 passengers (+100 %).
  • River traffic in the Greater Paris area is up by 4 % to 22,5Mt. The construction sector is currently boosted by the ongoing major infrastructure projects (Grand Paris, 2024 Olympics, EOLE rail link): +8 % as of the end of October 2021/end October 2020.

A period of exceptional investment for HAROPA PORT

2021 was an exceptional year for investment for HAROPA PORT with €197 million implemented.

In 2022, the port is preparing to address several major challenges: ensuring that its high level of activity is maintained over the long term, continuing its development in the direction of a new and sustainable business model, and supporting the energy transition.

Investment in 2022 will be higher, with a projected budget of €256m with 16 % of investments allocated to supporting the energy transition.