Transport Research Arena conference

HAROPA PORT will take part of the Transport Research Arena conference from November 14 to 17 in Lisbon, during the Transport Research Area, the biggest European Research and Technology Conference on transport and mobility.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre
- Territorial Department of Rouen
- Territorial Department of Paris

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Tommaso Spanevello, Head of European Affairs, and Jerome Besancenot, Digital Transition Project Director, will be there ! Moreover, the MAGPIE project will be presented by the port of Rotterdam and AIVP on 16th of november. As a reminder, HAROPA PORT is a member of the Europe’s sMArt Green Ports as Integrated Efficient multimodal hubs (MAGPIE) project. This unique collaborative project in Europe is aimed at developing innovative technologies for the greening of maritime transport.

Program of the event on https://traconference.eu/programme-overview/

Transport research arena