World Ports Conference 2022 : PASSport collaborative project won the IAPH sustainability award

During the World Ports Conference 2022 awards ceremony, HAROPA PORT won, with its ports partners, the IAPH sustainability award, in the digitalization category with PASSport collaborative project.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre
- Territorial Department of Rouen
- Territorial Department of Paris

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The purpose of PASSport (Operational Platform managing a fleet of semi-autonomous drones exploiting GNSS high Accuracy and Authentication to improve Security & Safety in port areas) is to engineer and qualify a solution extending situational awareness to improve safety and security in port areas



The need comes from the directive 2005/65/CE asking to complement surveillance systems for all of the port area to ensure a high and equal level of safety and security for all European ports. Around one thousand European ports fall within the scope of the directive. 

PASSport responds to the needs expressed by port authorities, harbour master and border control authorities which are active parties in the consortium and are directly involved in the definition of the proposed solutions.

PASSport solution it's using a fleet of drones to provide innovation and operational support to the safety and security aspects in particular for:

  • Pollution monitoring (safety)
  • Support to e-navigation (safety)
  • Critical buildings/ Infrastructures protection (security)Underwater threats monitoring (security)

PASSport will be validated via five specifically designed case studies in the ports of Hamburg, Kolobrzeg, Ravenna and Valencia.

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