Investing in and setting up new operations along the Seine axis

HAROPA PORT: a major player in the Seine axis property and real estate sector offering unique solutions for operating and setting up new sites by industrial and logistics companies.

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Over 300 offers of land or property along the whole Seine axis: the right solution for every project

Making use of the land administered by the port along the entire Seine Axis from the sea gateway up to the Paris consumer area and France’s principal markets, HAROPA PORT can offer a comprehensive range of solutions for operating, developing and setting up new logistics and industrial facilities:

  •  Land:  a wide range of plot sizes and sites, either on a turnkey basis or for development.
  •  Property: logistics and manufacturing warehouses (from single units to facilities with XXL space), workshops, offices, and more. HAROPA PORT can cover the entire range of leasing and subletting requirements.
  •  Mixed-use quays: a network of public quays in the Paris area and Normandy suitable for all types of loading/unloading (bulk, heavy lift, pallets, urban delivery, etc.).  

HAROPA PORT has many key advantages in this dynamic logistics area: connections to multimodal terminals dedicated to freight massification; direct access to the transport networks – land, river and sea – for rapid goods pick-up; a specific range of offers of available land to facilitate development projects; holistic consideration of environmental and societal issues. 

HAROPA PORT: project facilitator

HAROPA PORT can offer its customers personalised, tailor-made assistance:

  •  supply Chain optimisation advice,
  •  identification of the right industrial or logistics sites for every requirement, 
  •  development of synergies and solutions for decarbonisation, working with logistics and industrial actors, 
  •  assistance in setting up new operations with the support of local partners (e.g.  development agencies, local government bodies, central government departments). 

A dynamic ecosystem 

  •  the no. 1 logistics hub in France,
  •  the no. 2 petrochemicals cluster in Europe,
  •  competitive utilities suited to all types of requirements,
  •  a reservoir of qualified, available workers.


Key figures

  •  a port area covering 16,000 hectares from Le Havre to Paris,
  •  12m sq. m. of warehousing space on the Seine Axis, including 2 in ports or in the immediate vicinity,
  •  231,000 workers employed in the logistics industry in the Paris Seine Normandie® region.


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They have put their trust in us

The port of Le Havre is host to the biggest plant in Europe for the construction of wind turbine blades and nacelles, located on a brownfield site. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy has chosen Le Havre to set up its industrial plant entirely dedicated to renewable energy. Unique in Europe, it houses under a single roof the facilities for fabrication of offshore turbine blades and nacelles that will be used for several French windfarms. The conversion of a site covering more than 60 hectares and the associated modifications to port quays were carried out by HAROPA PORT specifically to enable deliveries to the plant and the handling of heavy lift cargo. 

IKEA is setting up operations at Limay-Porcheville port to make deliveries via the river. IKEA France has been based at Gennevilliers since 2019, and there is a constant theme to its decisions: to use the river as a transport mode for supplies to its city centre stores in Paris and the delivery of customers’ online orders. In 2021, IKEA France reaffirmed its confidence in HAROPA PORT by developing a new warehouse on a 16-hectare plot at Limay-Porcheville port.

With this new distribution centre, the Swedish enterprise has set itself the goal of developing sustainable logistics based as close as possible to the Paris consumer catchment area.

Goodman has chosen the port of Gennevilliers for its Green Dock project. Selected following the call for Gennevilliers port logistics projects, Goodman’s Green Dock project involves the construction of a multimodal logistics platform of over 90,000 sq. m. on four levels. Unique in Europe and directly connected to the Seine, this facility will help develop river transport and urban retail distribution in the Paris area.

HAVLOG, the biggest warehouse on the Normandy Bridge Logistics Park 3 (PLPN 3), developed on a turnkey plot. Having been selected following the call for project proposals in December 2018, PRD, with financial support from AG Real Estate, was able to start construction in January 2020, as a speculative venture, of this 96,000 sq. m. building. Located on the Normandy Bridge Logistics Park 3 (PLPN 3) in the immediate vicinity of the multimodal platform and the maritime terminals, the HAVLOG facility has been in operation since July 2021 under the management of JJA, a specialist in the distribution of garden furniture and household furnishings. The building is also equipped with 37,000 sq. m. of PV solar panels.

The development and marketing of RVSL (Rouen Seine Valley upstream). RVSL Upstream is an extensive logistics zone with 150,000 sq. m. of warehousing. It combines several key advantages such as proximity to Rouen’s TCMD (Container and Sundry Cargo Terminal). It employs some 600 people and is home notably to P3 Logistic Parks France, an investor in, and an owner, developer and manager of logistics assets.

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